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Friday, 16 December 2011

Day Trotter

Best Free Music Apps for Your iPod Touch

Day Trotter is ipod touch app that has a website by the same name. It is a wonderful ipod touch music app that lets you listen to a new music band everyday. The best part about this Day Trotter ipod touch app is that it encourages budding artists. So, if you are looking for some refreshing change in the kind of music that you listen to, then Day Trotter is the app for ipod touch that you need to download. While background audio support was missing in the app before, the latest version has corrected this problem. This Day Trotter music app for ipod touch is one perfect app that is a great music player and organizer. You will never be short of new songs or for that matter, you will always have access to some of the most unique and unconventional music that you are not likely to find in your nearby music store. This is one ipod touch music app that is must for all hard core music lovers.
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