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Friday, 16 December 2011

Five things Nintendo can learn from Apple

Most of these points are silly, and the first two misleading.

The Touch games are not good games. They’re ok for passing a few minutes on the bus or whatever, but individually they just are not great. You can cumulatively spend a lot of money on a lot of poor/boring/pointless/short games. You are correct that there is far more selection in Touch games, but there is also about 40% redundancy, where there are multiple versions of the same poor/boring/pointless/short games.

The only point you really score on is 5. The Touch’s functionality is wider–because it’s designed for lightweight Internet use and music. This makes it a poor gaming platform. OTOH, the DS is not as diverse, but is an excellent gaming device.

I respectfully disagree with you about the (lack of) quality of iPod touch games. There are many, many hundreds of very high-quality games that offer depth, challenge and replayability — in all genres. If you think iPod touch games are limited to Simon-says knock-offs or lame platformsrs, I encourage you to spend some time with a friend’s iPod touch (and access to the iTunes store) for a few days!

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Five things Nintendo can learn from Apple