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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jailbreak Ipod Touch – Why You Need To Do It And How To Do It

Jailbreak Ipod Touch – Why You Need To Do It And How To Do It
Do you know how to Jailbreak Ipod Touch? If not, then I strongly advise that you try to learn how to do so. After all, through this process, you will be able to gain more apps and programs for your device – making it even better than it already is. So, continue reading this article. You just might find what you’re looking for.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch – What Are Its Benefits?

The Ipod is considerably, one of the most beautiful gadgets that have come out today. It has the most excellent features that one can ever wish for – which is probably why despite the emergence of newer gadgets of the same genre, the Ipod is still one of the most best-selling of all time.

Now, did you know that you can make your Ipod have more excellent features? You can do this by simply jailbreaking your gadget. Not convinced? Here are some additional reasons as to why jailbreaking can make your Ipod even better:

Jailbreaking Will Mean More Programs For Your Gadget

As you may already know, one of the most excellent features of the Ipod is its ability to download apps to make it even more compatible with your needs. Unfortunately, there are some apps which although quite excellent, are restricted by Apple – making you lose out on what could have been a great addition to your favorite device.

Fortunately, jailbreaking could easily solve this issue for you. This is because jailbreaking is actually a process which you allows you to hack into the operating system of your device, enabling you to lift the restrictions set by Apple – allowing you to download all the apps that you want, whenever you want to.

Jailbreaking Will Mean Better Customization To Suit Your Taste

Because jailbreaking will allow you all have all the programs that you have, then this will necessarily mean that you will also have access to all the kinds of customization tools that you prefer.

By jailbreaking your Ipod, you will be able to change your device’s theme to make it more personal, you will be able to download all the songs that you want (whether allowed by Apple or not) and a host of other tools which will certainly add a more personal flair to your most beloved device.

Jailbreaking Will Mean More Freedom And Fun For You

Unlike the conventional Ipods which have limited games to choose from, a jailbroken device will provide you with the widest array of gaming options that will surely satisfy the “gamer” in you. By jailbreaking your Ipod, you need not worry about whether a certain game or app is banned by Apple or not. All that you’ll need to do is to simply download the program – and that is it.

In other words, jailbreaking will mean more freedom for you to do whatever you want with your device. Whether you want to make your Ipod more personal or one which your kid will love, all that you’ll need to do is to jailbreak your Ipod – and have your device look and feel the way you want it.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch Methods – Which Is Better?

There are many jailbreak Ipod touch methods that you can use for your benefit. However, in order to ensure that you will get the most out of your hard-earned money and that your device will not be affected with some irreversible problems, it would be best if you take your pick carefully. Otherwise, you might encounter issues that might be more than you can handle.

Here are some methods that you might find useful:

Manual Method – Jailbreaking Through A Computer Chip

1. Buy a computer chip from your favorite computer shop or from a reputable online shop. This chip will serve as a jumper that will allow your device to lift the download restrictions set by Apple.

2. Open your Ipod. However, you must be very careful. Only open your device using the proper tools. Otherwise, this might cause some unwanted damages and dents which you will not like at all.

3. Install the computer chip. This will require some technical skills on your part. Remember that placing the jumper on the wrong area will result to the jailbreak working improperly – or worse, it could cause your Ipod to become useless.

4. Reboot your Ipod. Through this, your device will detect the new chip that you installed.

5. Check if the jailbreak worked properly. You can do this by downloading apps and programs that are normally prohibited by Apple.

Automatic Method – Jailbreaking Through A Computer Program

1. Download a jailbreaking software and the latest firmware for your Ipod. But before doing so, create a destination folder where you can save both files. After the downloads are completed, extract the jailbreaking software.

2. Afterwards, Select your Ipod from the list of devices that will appear. Hold the “Option” button and then click the “Restore” button. Afterwards, choose the firmware that you downloaded earlier. Wait as ITunes updates your device.

3. Launch the jailbreaking software. Wait as it prepares the jailbreak data.

4. A new window will appear, telling you to choose the jailbreak options that you prefer. Make sure to choose Cydia and other options that you think will be useful.

5. Plug your device into your PC. Turn it off and then click “Next”. Put your Ipod into DFU mode by holding both the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Afterwards, release “Power” button while continuing to hold the “Home” button.

6. Wait as your device reboots and as the software automatically jailbreaks your device.

Jailbreak Ipod Touch Through A Computer Software

If you want a more convenient method for jailbreaking your device – then using a computer software will surely be the best bet for you. Through this method, you will be able to efficiently jailbreak your Ipod without any hassles and with the utmost efficiency.

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Indeed, with a computer software, jailbreaking need not be that big of a problem anymore.

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