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Friday, 16 December 2011

Michele Whitney said: Marc Saltzman Five things Nintendo can learn from Apple: Oh, and consider this: if you've got, say, three iPod t… [...]

My daughter has a DSi and the family has an iPad. Guess which device she prefers?
As you said, the expense of adding games to the DSi compared to the iPad is one big reason but the other is sheer playability. Now granted she’s only 5 and I’m sure her tastes will change, but for now the iPad is the winner. Man, she’s not gonna be happy when she finds out her older brother got a new iPod Touch for Xmas!!

There are some good points made, I will agree, but part of the big difference is one is made for video games solely; mostly because Nintendo is a video game company (and music argueably) as opposed to a electronics and communication establisment company. Sure, little games that occupy your short period of time while on the bus or on break at work is nice (not all, but most), I still generally perfer product that produces games built on telling a story along with bringing an in depth game that can be played for hours on end. Just my opinion. Oh, and as a friend learned, one can be dropped down the stairs at work and still worked properly after. (Hint, it starts with an N.)

I stopped playing portable games at the Nintendo Advance; after Pokemon Crystal and Sapphire (and I grew up), the Game Boy franchise (including the DS) got old – there are not enough good games to play. I have an iPod touch too but its not filled with games either and the ones I do have I barely play them. After playing so much on a PC and an Xbox 360, hand-held game systems just don’t cut it for me anymore. You can add all the touch screens and cameras you want to a device but they are still a poor substitute for a proper gaming controller.

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